One developer to rule them all!

The Code of War is a Machiavellian-style satire, written in a style of a malicious self-help book set in the world of IT. It's based on the author's years of working in various tech companies, meeting a plethora of interesting but questionable characters along the way.
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What Will You Get From This Book?

Maybe you’ll ignore the satirical nature of the book, embrace your inner asshole, and use the advice inside to climb the corporate ladder. Maybe you’ll recognize someone’s ill behaviour after you read a certain chapter and realize that something around you needs to change.

While I definitely don’t condone doing the former, people in the IT industry that act in that manner certainly exist. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have the inspiration for this book. I hope this text sheds some light on the unethical methods certain people in our industry use. That way, we can all learn how to avoid them and do better.

At the end of every chapter, you'll find a small note regarding the real-life person that the chapter was based on. All the names, of course, are changed. Likewise, some real-life situations are combined, but that's the extent of the freedom I took while writing the notes.

While the book was written with the IT industry in mind, its chapters could be applied to the whole tech industry. Therefore, I purposely avoided using and IT-specific terms and kept things more casual. In the end, it should be an easy read. It shouldn't read like a programming manual.

PS. I hope you'll at least get a few laughs out of it!

Chapter Titles

  • The Preface
  • What this book can do for you?
  • Annihilating the interview process
    • Embellish your CV
    • Reconnaissance - collecting the intel
    • Showtime
  • Starting at a new company
    • Marking your territory
    • Becoming the new star
  • Getting that promotion
    • Gossip as a weapon
    • Taking all the credit for all the work
    • Painting the perfect picture of yourself
  • Becoming irreplaceable
    • The dangers of documentation
    • Discussions should leave no trace
    • Being the proxy everybody needs to go through
  • Transitioning to management
    • Keeping people in dark
    • Deadlines should be impossible
    • Blame everything on your inferiors
  • Endgame? There's no end
  • About the Author


This book will take you on a journey to become the code warrior, someone that people fear and respect. It’s not a simple path to walk, but the rewards that await you are plentiful and well worth it.

Where we’re going, we don’t need morals, ethics, feelings. None of that crap. To truly succeed in life, especially as a developer, you will cheat, lie and manipulate. What’s even better, if you closely follow the steps I’m giving you in this book, you’ll feel awesome about it!

There are no long philosophical meanderings here. The instructions are given to you in straightforward, simple language. My sole purpose here is to give you a practical way of getting ahead. No wishy-washy “ifs” or “buts”. Just solid information that your mind will soak up the way a sun-dried stone absorbs water.

As you start living the way of the code warrior, you, too, can join the rich and powerful. It’s not the case if you can become rich and powerful - you will do it, whether you want to or not.

114 pages

Sample Chapters

Early Reviews

See what some readers are saying.
"I think I recognized my former manager in at least three chapters! A great read and amazingly accurate depiction of some of the less ethical coworkers I worked with."
Nathan Alvarez
Software Engineer, Accenture
"Outstanding Book! Marko tells the story of advancement in the tech world in a new and exciting way. Some situations he writes about were painfully familiar. Shocking, but funny!"
Jessica Matthews
Engineering Lead, SAP
"What a fun book! I was just afraid I'll recognize myself in some of the chapters. As a person that went through all the possible roles in IT, it was fun to remnisce about my own experiences while reading the book."
James Hartley
CTO, LRTS Technology Solutions

About The Author

Marko Zivanovic is a programmer, technologist, and a writer. He takes great interest in the impact of technology on society and politics. As a person who’s fascinated with ones and zeroes from an early age, he always likes to think about how he, as a developer, can make this world a better place through tech.

Having worked in companies of all sizes, ranging from small start-ups to big enterprises, he always liked to journal his experiences and developer war stories he lived through. This book is an attempt to share them with others from his unique and quirky perspective.